Americans Are Rushing To Snap Up This 2-in-1 Device That Disinfects Your Phone Using New UV-C Light Technology + Wirelessly Charges Your Phone
Sandra Lee | Wednesday, January 19, 2022

So, recently I learned something that has completely changed the way I look at my phone.

The other day, I was folding some laundry with the TV on in the background. My ten-year-old Sarah was happily playing some game on my phone (I let her use it when she finishes her homework), harmlessly swiping away. Or, so I thought…

Well, the 6 o’clock news came on, and they start going into Consumer Reports. That’s when a story came on that completely shook me to the core…

In the story, they talked about how your phone could be making you sick. I rolled my eyes, thinking it was another scare story about how using the phone too much will give you headaches or something. Boy, was I wrong.

They started by saying that the average cell phone has “18 times more bacteria than a public restroom.” Well, they certainly had my attention, now. And, what they were saying made sense.

They said that the bacteria is transferred to the phone from our hands. It made sense, since we’re always touching dirty handrails, doorknobs, and everything else we come in contact with in the world. But, that’s where the problem is…

You see, we actually wash our hands, which means we get rid of the bacteria that’s on them. Now, imagine if you hadn’t washed your hands for the last 2-3 years. Well, that’s your phone! Now, I was really feeling gross. But the story only got worse…

They went on to say that a recent study showed that the majority of cell phones actually have fecal matter on them, due to people always bringing them into the bathroom with them. (Guilty.)

I looked at my daughter, blissfully swiping away on my phone. I quickly ran over and took it from her, kissing her and saying I had to do something important with it real quick. She just smiled her gap-toothed grin and said, “Okay Mommy.”

I thought about how both my husband and I bring our phones into bed before going to sleep. All that filth on my clean sheets. Then, I thought about something that really made me feel ill…

Just the night before, I had been preparing dinner from a recipe. Except, I was reading that recipe from my phone. I’d constantly check my phone to make sure I was doing it right, and go right back to handling the food! I felt like I was going to be sick…

So, I went straight to the bathroom and wiped my phone down with a sanitizing wipe. There, I thought, Now it’s clean.

But how long would that really last? And, would I commit to wiping it down every morning and every night? Not likely. So, what was I going to do?

Well, I called my friend, who’s more than a little bit of a germophobe. I asked her if she was watching the news. She was. Then, I asked her if she already knew about this. She did (of course). Now, I couldn’t wait any longer…

“Well,” I practically yelled, “doesn’t that just gross you out so much you want to throw away your phone and never use it again?”

I could hear her giggling on the other end…

“Not really,” she said. “Honey, my phone’s clean. I don’t have to worry about that gross stuff.”

Bewildered, I asked her why…

“Because,” she said. “I have an Zap it! 2-in-1 UV-C Sanitizer+Charger. It cleans my phone while it charges.”

What in the world was she talking about? I just had to get to the bottom of this…

What is it?

Zap it! 2-in-1 UV-C Sanitizer+Charger is the only phone charger in the world that uses UV light to disinfect your phone while it charges. It kills 99.99% of bacteria and viruses in only 3 minutes, leaving you worry-free about germs.

How does it work?

Turns out, it’s really quite simple. All you do is put your phone in the Zap it! 2-in-1 UV-C Sanitizer+Charger and close the lid. It goes through a 3-minute cycle, where UV-C light kills the bacteria and viruses. There’s even an indicator that tells you when your phone is clean again.

So, what’s happening on a microscopic level, is the UV light destroys the nucleic acid in the bacteria and/or virus, which actually breaks down its DNA. Because of this, bacteria and viruses can’t survive.

And, it does all this during its short 3-minute cycle. The UV light safely sanitizes your phone (and, anything else that fits inside it, like credit cards, keys, tablets, etc.).

Who else is using the Zap it! 2-in-1 UV-C Sanitizer+Charger?

Since the average phone has more bacteria than a public restroom, we’re actually more likely to get sick from our cell phone than from almost anything else we come in contact with. And, with how popular phones are, that’s a scary thought.

What’s more, think about this…

Your phone’s battery keeps the bacteria warm, creating optimal breeding grounds for disease and sickness.

But, so far, people are wising up to how dangerous this can be. With over 1 million Zap it! 2-in-1 UV-C Sanitizer+Charger units sold, more and more people are protecting themselves (and others) from harmful bacteria and viruses.

But… is it really worth All This Hype?

Since its debut, the Zap it! 2-in-1 UV-C Sanitizer+Charger has been constantly selling out! So much, in fact, that people are considering themselves lucky when they finally get their hands on one!

And, it’s amassed tons of loyal followers worldwide. Check out these Instagram Celebrity posts…

The Zap it! 2-in-1 UV-C Sanitizer+Charger has quickly developed a cult following, with over 5000 5-star reviews. Here’s what people are saying:

Skeptical at first, but...

Honestly, I was skeptical at first, but I have a Bio degree so I get excited about things like this and had to check it out. It definitely passed the test! The science speaks for itself. Very nifty product, works great and easy to use.

It does in fact work

Actually I did a lot of research on this type of sterilization of phones before I bought this. Everything I found by scientists or electronics reviewers said that it does in fact kill all those gross germs that are ALL OVER our phones. You can’t see it—the phone doesn’t look any different when you take it out, but I’ll trust the experts who say this light is working. It makes me feel better after I clean it so I guess that’s a win.

So easy to use

SIMPLE! I really liked the ease of operation; you simply put your phone in, close the top and it automatically sanitizes the phone with ultraviolet light in about 3 minutes (though i didn't really time it). Once the light goes out your phone is sanitized and ready to go. You can even charge your phone while it's being cleaned!!

I also liked the sanitizer's styling; it reminds me of the sleek look of Apple products. I wish it was a little smaller but I understand they had to make the "bay" big enough for phones of all sizes-- that way I won't have to buy a new sanitizer if I buy a bigger phone!

After hearing all this hype, I wanted to get a professional’s opinion on the Zap it! 2-in-1 UV-C Sanitizer+Charger, so I talked to Dawn Clarinwall, Pathologist at St. Eve’s Hospital. Here’s what she said…

Most people don’t realize just how hazardous cell phones can be. They’re basically a petri dish you hold in your hand… and hold up to your mouth.

The effects of UV-C light on bacteria are well-documented. Essentially, it destroys the strain by damaging the DNA structure beyond repair.

I’ve had the opportunity to test the Zap it! 2-in-1 UV-C Sanitizer+Charger firsthand in my lab, and it works as well as advertised. The bacteria is completely eliminated in about 3 minutes. Since testing it for myself, I’ve been telling the other doctors to start recommending it to their patients. It’s a small thing you can do to really protect yourself from sickness.

- Dawn Clarinwall, Pathologist

After hearing that endorsement from a highly-respected professional, I was sold. I had to try the Zap it! 2-in-1 UV-C Sanitizer+Charger myself…

So, I ordered the Zap it! 2-in-1 UV-C Sanitizer+Charger off the official website and it showed up in the mail by the end of the week. It came in a nice, sleek modern-looking box (similar to the feel of Apple products). When I first opened the box, I could tell that the design and quality of the product was top notch.

After all my research, I was sure that UV-C light did everything they said it did, but I still wanted to test it out myself. So, I did a little experiment…

First, I got 2 petri dishes. I swabbed my dirty phone and placed the swab in the first dish.

Next, I plugged my phone in and shut the Zap it! 2-in-1 UV-C Sanitizer+Charger. After 3 minutes, a light popped on that signaled it was done cleaning.

Then, I took the phone out of the Zap it! 2-in-1 UV-C Sanitizer+Charger and swabbed it again.

Now, I just had to wait for the results.

So, after sending the petri dishes into a lab (yes, I really did go all out with this!), and waiting a few weeks, I got the results.

The first petri dish was absolutely swarming with bacteria. It was literally a cesspool…

But, the second dish was completely clean! Check out the pictures below for a visual…

How much does it cost, and is it worth it?

The Zap it! 2-in-1 UV-C Sanitizer+Charger normally runs for $158, which I at first thougth was a little steep. I mean, that’s not exactly pocket money for me.

But, right now, they’re currently running a 50-70% off sale! So, if you’re fast enough to order before the offer expires, you can actually grab it for $79 and as low as $49 if you buy 10.

At that price, I really did think it was a good deal. I mean, you’re basically paying to reduce the amount of times you and your family get sick. To me, that’s a trade-off I’m Okay with any day of the week. You really can’t put a price on my family’s health. (And, I’m sure you feel the same way, too.)

UPDATE: As of Thursday, January 20, 2022 10:09 am EST there are 86 units left in stock!
In light of the recent outbreak, the Zap it! 2-in-1 UV-C Sanitizer+Charger is in extremely high demand and is selling out quick. To help fight the outbreak, the company is now offering a one-time discount of 50% off. To see if they are still available, click on the button below.
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Sandra Savage · Carlisle, Massachusetts
This is a nice looking case that is used to clean germs off you cell phone, or for that matter, anything that fits in it (Smart Watch, remote)
· Reply · 56 · Apr 17, 2020 9:25 PM
Daniel McGahey · Ohio State University
Zap it! 2-in-1 UV-C Sanitizer+Charger is super simple to use and you can even charge your phone while it works.... Love this item!
· Reply · 62 · Apr 17, 2020 10:12 AM
William Hector · University of Oxford
Highly recommend. This is a very easy to use product. Open the lid, place your device (phone or small tablet) in, close the lid, wait 3 minutes. You can also charge your device while Zap it! 2-in-1 UV-C Sanitizer+Charger is running.
· Reply · 50 · Apr 16, 2020 11:41 AM
Mary Rivers · San Angelo, Texas
What a perfect gadget for getting your phone clean. After touching who knows what while commuting to work and it being that time of year everyone around you gets sick this comes in handy. I feel so much better about using my phone now.
· Reply · 88 · Apr 15, 2020 10:05 AM
Torey Seymour Russell · Portland, Oregon
I’m a nurse that works in a setting that definitely exposes my stuff, especially my phone to germs. It’s inevitable that my phone will come across some type of germ when I’m working, regardless how many times I wipe it down with an alcohol pad or cavi wipe. It makes me feel at ease knowing that I can put this in the Zap it! 2-in-1 UV-C Sanitizer+Charger to eliminate 99% of any bacteria it houses!
· Reply · 90 · Apr 15, 2020 12:28 PM
Mandy Simmons · Boise, Idaho
I just ordered 3 more Zap it! 2-in-1 UV-C Sanitizer+Chargers to give as gifts to my parents who work outside a lot and track in a lot of germs haha!
· Reply · 95 · Apr 15, 2020 3:38 PM
Whitney Garcia · Commerce High School
Think how dirty your hands are and how many times you touch your phone screen. How convenient to just put your phone in the Zap it! 2-in-1 UV-C Sanitizer+Charger and have all the germs be banished! Stop contributing to the spread of infection. Be germ wise and stay healthy!
· Reply · 101 · Apr 14, 2020 8:55 PM
Paul Bryant · Providence, Rhode Island
Perfect for any size iPhone. Sterilizes and charges at the same time. Unobtrusive and can be "hidden" behind a laptop or desktop. An excellent product to have at home or at the office.
· Reply · 112 · Apr 13, 2020 12:32 PM
Mischelle Baylock · Memphis Tennessee
I love that even though I may wipe off my phone there is still microbes there that we cannot see. I have peace of mind knowing I put my phone in my box and it kills off those horrible germs! Great product!!!!!
· Reply · 154 · Apr 12, 2020 7:22 PM
Michelle Morandini · Tacoma, Washington
I am an acknowledged germaphobe - ask any of my friends. So I love my Zap it! 2-in-1 UV-C Sanitizer+Charger. I've been using a similar product for my toothbrush for years so this is perfect for me, thanks!
· Reply · 125 · Apr 12, 2020 7:22 PM